Looking Back at Faber's Bicycles

Over the weekend I dug through my files, looking back at the time I spent photographing Faber's Bicycles. In my ongoing photography project, I try to document life and the things I see perched on the edge of forgotten suburban dreams, overlooked by the communities where these places and people live. I have seen countless landmarks disappear and replaced by unimaginative strip malls, plastic signs, and housing developments. I try to not let it effect me, but it's difficult when I spend so much time visiting and documenting these places, knowing each year less of them will be around. If you share my passion for history and architecture, please consider joining one of the organizations below: 

Preservation Action Counsel of San Jose

California Pioneers of Santa Clara County

Society for Commercial Archeology 

If you're interested in donating money to save the Faber's Bicycles building a campaing has been started on Fundly