Flea Market Film

Some of the film I shot recently was over 12 years expired, and found sweating away in freezer bags in the sun among piles of odds and ends at the flea market. I wasn't sure if anything was going to come out on the film at all, so I decided to to have some fun and run the rolls through plastic cameras and then cross process. The first batch came back, and from the c-prints, it looks like the film still works. Time to shoot some more. 

Monterey Highway at Seeing Things Gallery

Friday March 4th at Seeing Things Gallery I kick off a new solo show, Monterey Highway. I also have a book I am releasing at the show.

Taken over the last year, these photos document walks down a 30 mile stretch of road called Monterey Highway. Once the main connector between San Jose and the southern most cities within Santa Clara County, Monterey Highway is now in a state of purgatory. Sections of local motels, grand neon signage and empty storefronts give way to new, sprawling housing developments, big box stores and more. The residents who call this stretch of Silicon Valley home reflect back the change that is taking place.

With just a camera in hand, I set out to capture the spirit and identity of this road, and its place in the ever shifting landscape of Silicon Valley.

Come check it out!