Faber's Bicycles Lost to Fire

Late in the night while editing through some recent work, I found out that the former Faber's Bicycles Shop, the iconic and historic building on First Street in San Jose, was engulfed in a 3 alarm fire. I snatched up my camera bag and jumped in my car hoping to find some piece of the structure still left. While I drove over I couldn't help but think that yet another piece of San Jose history, reduced to nothing more than a real estate deal, had been mysteriously lost to a fire. I made a list in my head while waiting at a red light of every building that I've seen burn down, but decided to not think about it.

When I arrived, the fire was out and the building slumped awkwardly on the corner, smoke drifting from every opening. I took what photos I could, staying out of the way of the fire and police, sharing my disbelief with the group gathered across the street, the whole time thinking about all the photos I had taken of the building over the years, all the photos I still wanted to take, all the memories, all the potential the building had and what the building meant to the neighborhood, what it could become.

It's now 3:00 am. My clothes reek of smoke, and I have to be at work in a just a few hours, but I wanted to get just one shot up of another icon lost, so here it is:

This weekend, I'm going to dig through my archives and unedited images to pull up some of the photos I've taken over the years to share. Stay tuned